Episode 1 - Born Genius

The secrets of the developing brain - featuring Marc Yu, a 7-year-old pianist, who some say will be the next household name in classical music.

Episode 2 - Make me a Genius

Is a genius born or made? 37-year-old chess sensation Susan Polgar thinks she knows the answer.

Episode 3 - Accidental Genius

When accidents in the brain reveal extraordinary skills - featuring George Widener, the human calculator, and Tommy McHugh, a labourer turned into an artist by a stroke.

Episode 2 - Make me a Genius
The second film in the series features 37-year-old chess sensation Susan Polgar, one of the world’s top players.  

The extraordinary story of how Susan’s father trained her and her sisters to become grand masters will lead to a broader exploration of how memory is perhaps the most critical tool for achieving expert-level performance. 

It is also a story of what a prodigy must sacrifice in order to become successful in an adult world.
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