Episode 1 - Born Genius

The secrets of the developing brain - featuring Marc Yu, a 7-year-old pianist, who some say will be the next household name in classical music.

Episode 2 - Make me a Genius

Is a genius born or made? 37-year-old chess sensation Susan Polgar thinks she knows the answer.

Episode 3 - Accidental Genius

When accidents in the brain reveal extraordinary skills - featuring George Widener, the human calculator, and Tommy McHugh, a labourer turned into an artist by a stroke.

Episode 1 - Born Genius
This film features the story of Marc Yu, a charming and passionate 7-year-old pianist who some say will be the next household name in classical music. How can one so young exhibit such mastery of two instruments?  

Marc’s story is the starting point for a foray deep into the developing brain. We explore the ‘critical windows’ for learning basic human skills such as language and find out that children need a rich and stimulating environment in order for their brains to thrive. And we ask whether talent is something a child is born with or whether a prodigy must acquire brilliance through experience.  

And finally we find out what happens to prodigies when they get older, leaving behind the charm and protection of childhood. As Marc grows into a mature musician – will his brilliant brain be able to keep up with him?
Producer & Director
for Five, NGCI
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