Episode 1 - Born Genius

The secrets of the developing brain - featuring Marc Yu, a 7-year-old pianist, who some say will be the next household name in classical music.

Episode 2 - Make me a Genius

Is a genius born or made? 37-year-old chess sensation Susan Polgar thinks she knows the answer.

Episode 3 - Accidental Genius

When accidents in the brain reveal extraordinary skills - featuring George Widener, the human calculator, and Tommy McHugh, a labourer turned into an artist by a stroke.

The Series

Three films exploring the very thing that makes us human.  Each episode features an extraordinary character who can do remarkable things with their brain:

Born Genius

Marc Yu is only 7 years old, but he already has a repertoire of over 15 classical piano pieces – was he born with his exceptional talent?

Make Me A Genius

Is a genius born or made? Chess sensation Susan Polgar tells the story of how her father turned her and her sisters into chess prodigies.

Accidental Genius

Autistic Savant George Widener stuns us with his superhuman calculating and memory skills. And Tommy McHugh describes how a stroke transformed him from Liverpool hardman into an obsessive artist.

Executive Producers
3 x 50' for Five, NGCI
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