Lecture 1 - Say it With Sound

Exploring how humans and other animals use noises to communicate

Lecture 2 - Silent Messages

Professor Sophie Scott explores the world of silent communication

Lecture 3 - The Word

Asking where our incredible linguistic ability comes from and whether any other animals use language in any form at all?

The Series

This year’s Royal Institution Christmas Lectures on BBC Four explore the world of communication, revealing how we and other animals use a whole host of means to send messages and exchange information. From mosquitoes singing love duets, to the dazzling light displays of deep sea fish and the complexities of human language - Professor Sophie Scott explores the unstoppable urge to communicate.

Delivered from the Royal Institution lecture theatre in London, Professor Scott addresses three big questions in communication: how do we and animals send messages with sound? How much can we communicate without ever speaking a word? And how do we turn our thoughts into language?

To do this, Professor Scott performs dramatic demonstrations, harnesses cutting-edge technology and enlists the help of special guests ranging from hissing insects to the latest robots. 


Photography by Paul Wilkinson Photography

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