Big Kitchens

Lifestyle & Entertainment13 x 30' for Food UK, FYI, SBS, Shaw Media

Exploring the mind-blowing logistics inside the world’s biggest kitchens.

BIG KITCHENS explores the mindboggling logistics, colossal cuisine and extraordinary characters behind the world’s biggest, most extreme kitchens and restaurants.

Each episode visits a different restaurant to reveal its secret workings – from the world’s biggest truck stop to the US Army’s largest dining area...from a jumbo jet catering facility, to the biggest kitchen cruising on the open ocean. We visit these monster kitchens on one of the busiest days in their calendar when they cook their biggest banquets.

We explore the airline kitchen that churns out 170,000 in-flight meals each day, the crab house serving a dish every 15 seconds to 700 diners a night, the cruise ship kitchen that goes through 140 tons of food supplies per week, the pizza restaurant serving 62 inch pizzas and many more…

We find out what makes each kitchen tick – the larger than life characters – the cooks and chefs; the bespoke technology behind the cooking; the dazzling logistics involved in seating so many people; the overwhelming volume of ingredients, and the power needed to cook it all. ?We discover the secrets behind their finest dishes and uncover the facts and stats that keep each extreme restaurant running. 

Executive Producer Carlo Massarella
Series Producer Andrew Barron
Line Producer Jenny Gee
Junior Production Manager Laura Hards