Why Sharks Attack

Natural History1 x 60 for BBC1

After 3 fatal shark attacks in Egypt, this film asks if shark behaviour is changing

June 8th 2023. A shark attacks a 23 year-old Russian man swimming just metres from the beach in the Red Sea vacation resort of Hurghada, Egypt. Horrified tourists watch from the shore. His injuries are so severe that he dies before help can arrive. Within hours videos of the attack spread on social media. It comes less than a year after two women were killed by sharks in the space of two days on the same stretch of coast. A spate of killings like this is unprecedented in the Red Sea.

What brought these sharks into the shallow waters of luxury holiday resorts, away from their natural hunting grounds in the open ocean? Could mounting pressure from humans - from fishing, tourism and manmade climate change - be altering how these apex predators live and hunt?

An innovative mix of current-affairs investigation and scientific analysis, this documentary  explores what could have caused not just the attacks  in the Red Sea, but also other recent and unusual shark encounters around the world, including in the waters off Sydney and Florida.

Producer & Directors Peter Gauvain , Alex Tate
Executive Producer Carlo Massarella
Editors Paul Bernays , Cassandra Roberts
Additional Editing Hacene Azzoug , Stephen Prince
Additional Camera Alex Collinge
DV Director Tim Jameson
Additional Producers Alyona Synegina , Lucy Provan
Researchers Mario Terzoli , Katie Smyth
VFX Producer Laura Voak
Production Executive Alex Barraki
Production Manager Julie Wilkinson
Production Coordinator Sophie Hadley