Europe From Above Series 5

Science & Engineering6 x 60' for Nat Geo UK

A series of spectacular aerial journeys though great European regions

This series of spectacular aerial journeys reveal Europe’s most remarkable regions as they’ve never been seen before. From record breaking Benelux engineering projects to a glittering Mediterranean Christmas in Malta and a puffin rescue project in the Nordic country of Iceland.  This all access aerial documentary lays bare the traditions, innovations and engineering breakthroughs that continue to shape these great modern nations today.

Executive Producer Carlo Massarella
Series Producer Mark Bridge
Production Executive Anna Cowdry
Line Producer Paul Krajewski
Producer & Directors Zara Powell , Kasia Uscinska , Joanna Maro , Terry Black
Production Manager Paula Wright
Senior Production Coordinator Josh Rowely
Archive Researcher Beth Sabey
Production Coordinator James Moore
Production Secretary Rizwan Ahmed
Assistant Producers Rebecca Bullen , Ines Ward , Elizabeth Maitland