Pride From Above

Lifestyle & Entertainment1 x 60' for Nat Geo UK

Unique aerial views reveal the power of LGBT+ Pride across the world

This spectacular aerial journey across the globe reveals LGBT+ Pride as it’s never been seen before. Flying cameras soar above New York where rainbow flags sail across the Hudson River. They capture the spirit of Pride as the streets of Reykjavik are painted for progress. Drones take in Niagara Falls as they receive a rainbow glow-up.

Series Producer Mark Bridge
Executive Producer Carlo Massarella
Producer & Director Jen Kerrison
Production Manager Paula Wright
Editors Adam Garstone , Ben Weissbort , Ian Strang
Field Producers Charles Clement , Dennis Porter , Dilly Fernando , Jane Thompson , Josh King , Michael Garber , Renasha Khan , Zara Powell
Assistant Producers Beth Sabey , Ken Gawne , Lottie Watters
Researchers Elsi Kervinen , Ryan Hogan
Production Executive Anna Cowdry
Line Producer Paul Krajewski
Senior Production Coordinator Josh Rowely
Production Coordinators James Moore , Mo Hashim
Production Secretary Rizwan Ahmed