Eurovision 2023 Postcards

Lifestyle & Entertainment37 x 48 sec for BBC1

Showcasing the Eurovision nations - and their musicians - in a way that’s never been seen before

This year’s postcards use trail-blazing 360-degree drone technology to take viewers on a striking journey across the globe, showcasing the Eurovision nations - and their musicians - in a way that’s never been seen before.

The postcards use an innovative 360-degree camera to “fly and flip” seamlessly between locations. Each short film is also book-ended with the “tiny planet” technique, which transforms a super-wide 360-degree shot into a small world which the camera can fly into and out of. These techniques offer a brand-new way to visualise the connections between people and places.

Each postcard features three international locations: one in Ukraine, another in UK and the final one in the artist’s home nation. All three locations are carefully chosen to reflect a single connecting theme – for example beaches, rooftops, or opera houses.

The opening section of every postcard features Ukraine, in recognition of the winners of last year’s Eurovision. These sections aim to remind the audience of Ukraine’s broad landscape – taking in the rugged peaks of the Carpathian mountains, the historic streets of Lviv and the urban modernity of Kyiv.

Executive Producers Carlo Massarella , Jane McGoldrick
Series Producer Tom Cook
Producer & Directors Terry Black , Bertie Fenton , Amy Gibb , Joby Lubman , Jonathan Shipley , Mat Stimpson
Editors Ivan Cullen , Dominic Lester , Richard Lester , Nick Scullard
BTS Editor Leanne Rogers
Producers Tim Jameson , Margherita Manizza , Ben Prager
Edit Producer Farrah Jaufuraully
Assistant Producer Elizabeth Maitland
Researcher Dounia Boughelous
Line Producer Clare Beasley
Production Manager Julie Wilkinson
Production Coordinators Sophie Hadley , Carol Hendry

Winner of Best Live Event RTS Awards 2024