WWII: Secrets From Above Series 1

History6 x 60' for National Geographic Channels

Matching archive to its original locations reveals WWII secrets from above

WWII: Secrets From Above charts the most extraordinary events of the Second World War from a brand-new perspective. Matching compelling photography from the frontline, rarely-seen archive film and remarkable aerial reconnaissance images to their original locations, the series reconstructs the crucial battles, daring bombing raids and development of the world’s first weapons of mass destruction.

Series Director Johnny Shipley
Executive Producer Carlo Massarella
Producer Catherine Watling
Senior Researcher Lydia Murtezaoglu
Archive Producer Giorgia Papapietro
Graphics Producer Matthew Chancellor
Graphics Researcher Devarshi Lodhia
Production Manager Felicity Chapple
Production Coordinator Rachel Ingle
Production Secretary Joely Kiggins
Line Producer Sarah McQueen
Production Executive Anna Cowdry

Shortlisted for Innovative Use of Technology in Storytelling at the Broadcast Digital Awards 2022