The Millennium Dome Heist With Ross Kemp

Documentary1 x 60' for ITV

The untold story of a criminal gang planning to steal £350 million pounds worth of diamonds from the Millennium Dome

On the 7th November 2000, seven criminals equipped with a bulldozer, speedboat and as much audacity as the Great Train Robbers, set out to steal £350 million worth of diamonds from the Millennium Dome. But instead they were caught by an undercover Flying Squad operation, every bit as bold and daring as their own.

To coincide with the 20th anniversary, The Millennium Dome Heist with Ross Kemp sees presenter Ross Kemp go on an investigative journey to discover the untold story of the Millennium Dome Heist - one of the biggest and most audacious gem raids in the world.

Producer Lee Reading
Executive Producer Dan Kendall
Director John Holdsworth
Director of Photography Andrew Thompson
Editor Stephen Moore
Assistant Producer Marissa Chazan
Line Producer Farne Sinclair
Production Coordinator Lily Kiang