Fearless Mr Fox

Natural HistoryFor National Geographic Channels

Exploring how the fox has become the most successful carnivore on the planet

The fox ignites passions like no other predator. Vilified as vermin by some and admired for its pluckiness by others, the fox divides public opinion. We will find out if England’s cities are being over-run by foxes. Are they becoming increasingly brazen? And are they a danger to pets and children? 

We report on some of the stranger fox encounters: like the man who has fallen in love with his pet fox and the lady who had suffered foot injuries and the loss of a designer shoe thanks to her audacious house guest. 

We also follow foxes fitted with GPS collars and chart their clandestine forays into the night. We find out how they interact with humans and pets and whether they’re able to survive such close human contact.

Executive Producer David Dugan
Editor Paul Shepard
Producer & Writer Kelly Neaves
Producer & Directors Peter Fison , Robb Leach , Jamie Lochhead , Alex Tate , Mat Thompson
Production Manager Sara Revell
Researcher Fiona Leaper
Archive Producer Cristina Miro