World's Most Secret Homes

Lifestyle & Entertainment8 x 60' for 7 Australia, Home, N-TV Germany

Exploring some of the world’s most extreme and remote properties

From secluded houses in forests and luxury bunkers buried underground to cabins on remote islands and homes hidden in mountains. 

The series uses spectacular drone photography to explore the natural surroundings of each home and also ‘fly-through’ their interiors and secret passages to reveal what makes them unique. 

We meet the owners who explain why they wanted to live in such an unusual property and how they found their secluded plots.

We reveal the innovative features that make each property unique - from pools hidden in cantilever rooftops, to mirrored sidings that help the structure blend in with its environment to homes that literally ‘fold-themselves away’ to hide from view.   

Immersive CGI animation reveals how each property was built and its innovative use of materials and design.

Executive Producers Carlo Massarella , Misbah Alvi
Series Producer Martin Dowd
Line Producer Tammy McKendrick
Production Manager Rachel Martinez
Production Coordinator Rosie Barnett
Production Secretary Jemima Rose , Ashley Panton
Casting and Assistant Producers Maria Haase Coilho , Pilli Cortese , Johanna Fry , Rosalind Hill , Kate Lawrence
Production Team Chris Chalton , Thomas Deegan , Tobi Ogiogwa