Sons of Cuba (Victory Is Your Duty)

Documentary1 x 45' 1 x 56' 1 x 88' for ARTE, BBC4, Wide Angle/WGBH

Behind the scenes access to the Havana Boxing Academy in Cuba, the breeding ground for future Olympic Champions.

The Havana Boxing Academy is a Cuban boarding school that takes 9-year-old boys, and turns them into the best boxers in the world. Sons Of Cuba follows the stories of three young hopefuls through 8 dramatic months of training and schooling as they prepare for the biggest event of their lives so far: Cuba's National Boxing Championship for Under-12's. But during the season, crisis strikes: Fidel Castro is taken ill, and all of Cuba's Olympic boxing champions defect to the USA, leaving Cuba at a crossroads, and the boys contemplating a changing world.

The film won the Best Documentary Award at the LA Latino Film Festival and is currently being screened in cinemas around the world.

Director Andrew Lang
Executive Producer David Dugan
Producer Mandy Chang , Laura Giles , Francine Heywood , Andrew Lang
Editor Simon Rose

Winner of Best Newcomer Jonathan Gill Award - Grierson Awards 2010
Best Documentary – Rome Film Festival 2009
Best Documentary – Los Angeles Latin American Film Festival 2009
Nominee Best Documentary - British Independent Film Awards 2009