Elizabeth Richards

Production Accountant

Elizabeth is the Production Accountant for Windfall Films. She began her career in Accounts Payable for the NHS, before moving to a music promotor and eventually Television. Whilst working at the Zodiak Media Group the position of Assistant Production Accountant became available for RDF Television, one of the companies in the Group. This was an ideal opportunity for Elizabeth to further her career away from the traditional accounting route and started her off in the world of television.

Elizabeth was subsequently promoted to Production Accountant and worked on a variety of shows such as Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents, Secret Life of 4 Year Olds, Eat Well For Less and Tipping Point.

After five years with Zodiak/RDF she moved to Wall to Wall, part of Warner Brothers, where she worked on successful programmes such as Who Do You Think You Are and the Back In Time For Tea series for the BBC.

Elizabeth came to Windfall Films in late 2017 and was tasked with revamping the Production Accounting function, which has been a successful and ongoing development of how Production Accounting and Finance can best support Windfall with making award-winning programmes.