Lee Reading

Series Producer & Director

Producer, Director, and Development Producer Lee Reading has worked in television for over 20 years and has always been drawn towards strong stories and characters.

Initially starting out in drama, he quickly moved into factual, making documentaries on subjects such as history, music, sport, science and the arts.

Since joining Windfall, Lee has worked on variety of projects, including Producer of The Millennium Dome Heist with Ross Kemp (ITV) - Development Producer on Why Sharks Attack (BBC1), Blood Money: Curse of the Brink’s-Mat Gold (C5), and World’s Most Secret Homes (More4) - and Producing/Directing the My Floating Home Special  (More4), three episodes of Monster Moves (C5), London Supertunnel (PBS), and three successful series of BBC2’s The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway. The second series became the channel’s highest rated show that year, pulling in over four million viewers.

Lee has a degree in Film History & Theory, and a passion for art history, game design, architecture, music, literature, walking, and photography.