Farne Sinclair

Line Producer

Farne joined Windfall Films in 2012 as a Production Manager.

Farne joined Windfall Films in 2012. Most recently she has worked on When Whales Could Walk (NOVA PBS/CBC), Great American Eclipse ( NOVA) and Super Telescope: Mission to the Edge of the Universe (Horizon BBC2). She has been kept busy looking after four series of The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway (BBC2) charting the construction of the Elizabeth Line over ten years, and two series of Building Giants following construction projects around the world (Channel 4/Discovery Science).  She continues to keep an eye on the construction of Hinkley Power Station for Building Britain’s Biggest Nuclear Power Station (BBC2),  and the NASA Artemis space program sending people back to the moon in 2026 (Artemis I: Going Back To The Moon -  Discovery)

She also sometimes dabbles in crime with Blood Money: The Curse of the Brink’s-Mat Robbery (Channel 5) and The Millennium Dome Heist with Ross Kemp ( ITV).