In Dispute (Working Title)

14 October 2014

Windfall Films is urgently seeking parties in dispute for a pilot episode of a potential Channel 4 documentary series following a legally-binding scheme being trialled by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. 

Would you like to take someone to court but are put off by the jargon, the cost and the delay

Perhaps you’re already locked in a stressful dispute with no resolution in sight?

Would you be interested in a fee-free process which gives you control, but also means you should get closure by the end of the day?

If you would like to know more, please email a short summary of your dispute and your contact details to: before 31st October 2014.


Cases could include:

-        Community disputes and neighbourhood issues

-        Landlord / tenant problems – eg rent arrears, deposit disputes, repairs

-        Consumer issues – eg faulty goods or services, ruined special occasions, second-hand car disputes

-       Money claims between friends or ex partners

-        Contested Wills


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