Alex and Bone Cancer Research

15 July 2011

Alex Lewis discovered he had bone cancer shortly before his 18th birthday after experiencing months of pain in his arm.
He played a lot of tennis and football, so perhaps not surprisingly, it was mistaken for muscular pain. When it was eventually diagnosed as osteosarcoma, it had already spread to his lungs. Treatment was several courses of chemotherapy, surgery to replace a large section of bone in his arm with a metal prothesis, and radiotherapy. One of the reasons Alex wanted to make the film was to encourage early diagnosis of the disease and to promote the work of the Bone Cancer Research Trust, who were very supportive of the Lewis family. Through public donations they fund research into bone cancer.

If you would like to find out more, or would like to make a donation their website is:

They can also be contacted at:

Bone Cancer Research Trust

Suite 7 Gledhow 
Mount Mansion
Roxholme Grove


0113 2621852

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