Windfall Films thrives on creating innovative factual content. Its distinct, dedicated approach has encouraged generations of young talent to produce a dazzling rollcall of award-winning films and inspirational series. Over three decades we have pioneered innovative storytelling, a unique visual style and ground-breaking CGI.

We have applied our original approach to a range of genres, including documentaries, science & natural history programmes, live events, factually- based dramas and original format shows. Our films have won many awards including: EMMYs, BAFTAs, Royal Television Society Awards, Griersons, Wildscreen Pandas and Jackson Hole awards. We are one of the world’s leading international science documentary producers.


The Wall – Climb for Gold, a feature documentary following four female climbers preparing to compete in the first ever Olympic climbing competition at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.  Attenborough and the Mammoth Graveyard, an Ice Age mystery story.  Jabbed! The inside story of Britain’s Vaccine Task Force (winner of Scottish BAFTA)


Windfall has a new feature documentary department with several projects in the pipeline, including The Missing Cryptoqueen. Past films include Sons of Cuba, which won several international film festival awards.


Windfall has pioneered innovative techniques combining aerial photography and CGI to create new ways of telling stories – most recently in National Geographic’s World War Two: Secrets From Above. Our dedicated drone production teams have made Europe From Above ; The Great Mountain Sheep Gather (BAFTA winner for Best Factual Cinematography) ; Channel Four’s Hidden Britain by Drone.


We specialise in following long-term, deep access, infrastructure  projects, sometimes over many years. We have followed the construction of Crossrail and the Queen Elizabeth line, from its inception to its grand opening Fifteen Billion Pound Railway. We have charted the re-building of Notre-Dame; the re-building of New York’s La Guardia Airport, New York’s Super Airport; Chernobyl’s sarcophagus radiation shield; We are also continuing to follow the construction of Britain’s newest and biggest nuclear power station at Hinkley Point, Building Britain’s Biggest Nuclear Power Station.


Windfall has pioneered a range of factual series and formats, including Mutiny for Channel Four ­; the BAFTA award-winning Inside Nature’s Giants; the multi-award winning documentary series, The Decision; the adventure format Lost! and the provocative hidden camera format, The Tourist Trap.


Windfall has created many original live /multi-platform events including:  D Day As It Happens; Easter Eggs Live; Foxes Live: Wild in The City and The Operation: Surgery Live.


Windfall is one of the world’s leading producers of science programmes – producing series for BBC, Channel 4, PBS NOVA, National Geographic and Discovery.

Recent documentaries include Alastair Campbell: Depression and Me (BBC);  Polar Extremes (NOVA PBS);  NASA Mars Landing: Inside The Mission (Discovery)  Neutrino: Hunting the Ghost Particle (NOVA/BBC4)

We are a major producer of archaeology programming. Recent series include Lost Treasures of Egypt for National Geographic and Channel Four: Unearthed a returning series format for Discovery and many documentary specials.

For the last 20 years we have produced the Royal Institution’s Christmas Lectures which last year featured the Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Jonathan Van-Tam in a series that celebrated the scientific achievements during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have a unique ability to breathe life into potentially dry subjects. By winning the trust of Nobel-Prize-winning scientists and using cutting-edge computer technology we regularly win awards for our science series. 


Windfall pioneered a hybrid form of factually-based drama with Born With Two Mothers, using a combination of actors with professionals playing themselves. We went on to make Richard is My Boyfriend, where a real judge decides whether a woman with learning difficulties should be sterilized.

Formed in 1988 by three ex-BBC producers, David Dugan, Ian Duncan and Oliver Morse, Windfall Films continues to set the standard for serious programming in the UK.