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4 x 50'
Four one hour documentaries examining the history and development of escape and survival systems.


1 x 120'
Two hour special on the life and lore of the 18th century pirate.

Equinox/Nova: Meningitis - Search for a Cure

1 x 50'
The struggle to develop a vaccine against this elusive killer.

Equinox: Near Miss

1 x50'
Behind the scenes of air traffic control in New York, the world's busiest airspace.

Equinox: The Elements

1 x 50'
The chemical elements personified by the poet Roger McGough.

The Tourist Trap

6 x 30'
The prototype of all Reality Shows as we know them today.

Reality on the Rocks

3 x 50'
Ken Campbell's oddysey to the heart of ultimate meaning in the universe.

Lost Civilisations

15 x 30'
Seven Millennia of history come to life again in 10 ancient civilisations.

Wanted: Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid

1 x 80'
Anthropologist Dr. Clyde Snow hunts down the mortal remains of the legendary outlaws.

Red Star in Orbit - The Russian Right Stuff

3 x 50'
The epic story of the Soviet Space Programme.

RI Christmas Lectures 2002

5 x 50'
Join Tony Ryan, as he explores the molecular miracles behind everyday objects.

RI Christmas Lectures 2003

5 x 50'
Meteorite-hunter Monica Grady takes us on a 'Voyage in Space & Time'.

RI Christmas Lectures 2004

3 x 50'
Lloyd Peck journeys through the last truly unexplored corner of the globe... Antarctica.

RI Christmas Lectures 2006

5 x 45'
Marcus du Sautoy attempts to solve... The Num8er My5teries

RI Christmas Lectures 2007

5 x 45'
Dr Hugh Montgomery explores what happens when the body’s systems are pushed to their limit.

RI Christmas Lectures 2008

5 x 45'
Prof Chris Bishop takes us on a 'High-tech Trek' into the world of computers.

RI Christmas Lectures 2010

3 x 60'
Dr Mark Miodownik takes us on a journey from the microscopic to the massive…

RI Christmas Lectures 2011

Professor Bruce Hood invites you to “Meet Your Brain”.

RI Christmas Lectures 2012

In this year's Christmas Lectures we unpick the chemistry of the world around us.

RI Christmas Lectures 2013

Dr Alison Woollard explores the mysteries and secrets of life on Earth.

RI Christmas Lectures 2014

Anything could happen. Sparks will fly.

RI Christmas Lectures 2015

Space doctor Kevin Fong, takes us on a ride from launch to orbit.

RI Christmas Lectures 2016

3 x 60
One of humankind’s biggest challenges: how to generate and store energy.
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