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Race Rageh thumb
Race and Intelligence: Science's Last Taboo Feature-length doc

Rageh Omaar explodes the myths about race and IQ.

Surgery Thumb
The Operation: Surgery Live 4 x 60'

Four patients go under the knife for pioneering life-changing operations. Broadcast live with interactive elements.

heli series thumbnail
Helicopter Warfare 4 x 60'

What happens when helicopter pilots push their machines to the limit.

MM3 Thumb
Monster Moves - Season 3 6 x 50'

Monster Moves returns for a third series. This time, the structures are bigger and the routes a lot longer and riskier.

Mary Rose Thumb
REVEALED: The Ghosts of the Mary Rose 1 x 60'

Forensic investigation into one of the biggest mysteries in British history - the sinking of the Mary Rose.

Life - Lord of the Ants

A window into the mind of the evolutionary revolutionary E.O.Wilson.

Sons of Cuba (Victory Is Your Duty) 1 x 45' 1 x 56' 1 x 88'

Behind the scenes access to the Havana Boxing Academy in Cuba, the breeding ground for future Olympic Champions.

abzero thumb
Absolute Zero 2x60'

An epic journey into the quest for cold, from the dark beginnings to an ultra-cool frontier.

sof thumb
Sea of Fire 1 x 60'

This is the story of the ill-fated HMS Coventry, a British warship that was bombed and sunk in the Falklands war.

The Cold War's Missing Fighter Pilots 1 x 60'

The mystery of the jet pilots that disappeared in the Korean War.

DYWLF thumb
Do you want to live forever? 1 x 90'

Live a thousand years and more? Aubrey de Grey thinks you can.

DNA thumb
DNA 5 x 50'

An EMMY award-winning history of DNA - to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the double helix discovery with Dr Watson himself.

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