Episode 1 - Secrets Of The Black Hole

Is there more to black holes - nature's ultimate abyss - than just darkness?

Episode 2 - Inside The Sun

Unraveling the secrets that lie beneath the surface of Earth's powerhouse.

Episode 3 - Killer Asteroids

Is there more to these deadly space rocks than the next Armageddon?

Episode 4 - Expedition Mars

Unraveling the mysteries surrounding this once Earth-like world

Episode 5 - Alien Worlds

Is there anybody out there?

Episode 6 - Hunting A Comet

Unravelling the sectors of these frozen travellers from the furthest reaches of the solar system.

Episode 6 - Hunting A Comet

Comets appear from nowhere and then blaze across the sky in a magnificent display of cosmic fireworks before disappearing into the darkness. 

This film reveals our extraordinary relationship with comets, exploring how these icy dirt balls may actually hold the key to all life on Earth. Stunning CGI  animation tears open the comet to reveal the secrets locked inside its nucleus. We travel back in time to witness the early earth and the storm of meteor impacts that could have brought the water to its oceans.

While they may pose a threat to life on earth, Comets could also be the reason that we are here at all.

Assistant Producer
for Discovery UK
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