Episode 1 - Secrets Of The Black Hole

Is there more to black holes - nature's ultimate abyss - than just darkness?

Episode 2 - Inside The Sun

Unraveling the secrets that lie beneath the surface of Earth's powerhouse.

Episode 3 - Killer Asteroids

Is there more to these deadly space rocks than the next Armageddon?

Episode 4 - Expedition Mars

Unraveling the mysteries surrounding this once Earth-like world

Episode 5 - Alien Worlds

Is there anybody out there?

Episode 6 - Hunting A Comet

Unravelling the sectors of these frozen travellers from the furthest reaches of the solar system.

Episode 5 - Alien Worlds

Alien worlds are out there. Astronomers now think almost every star has planets orbiting around it, creating billions of different environments in deep space. Weird bacteria exist in the most extreme places on Earth, there’s no reason why life shouldn’t thrive elsewhere. 

How will we find life elsewhere in the universe? Diving into the deepest depths of our galaxy in search of the places life could be hiding. Stunning CGI animation cracks open frozen moons blasting ice into space, reveals hidden oceans, and unveils the bizarre worlds where mountains are made of diamonds and volcanoes erupt with water.

This film unnlocks the secrets of the universe’s most alien landscapes, and reveals just how close we are to discovering that we are not alone. 

Assistant Producer
for Discovery UK
Distributed by Cineflix