Episode 1 - Secrets Of The Black Hole

Is there more to black holes - nature's ultimate abyss - than just darkness?

Episode 2 - Inside The Sun

Unraveling the secrets that lie beneath the surface of Earth's powerhouse.

Episode 3 - Killer Asteroids

Is there more to these deadly space rocks than the next Armageddon?

Episode 4 - Expedition Mars

Unraveling the mysteries surrounding this once Earth-like world

Episode 5 - Alien Worlds

Is there anybody out there?

Episode 6 - Hunting A Comet

Unravelling the sectors of these frozen travellers from the furthest reaches of the solar system.

Episode 2 - Inside The Sun

The Sun is a nuclear inferno, its surface raging with violent eruptions. Huge plasma storms eject electromagnetic debris across the solar system, with up to 20 threatening Earth every day. Dark spots on the surface indicate that an eruption is brewing, but once we’ve seen them, the race is on – a giant solar storm could be heading straight for Earth. The US Air Force shows us how they keep the skies safe by warning astronauts and rerouting pilots to avoid blasts of radiation.

But where does all the Sun’s power come from? This film delves inside this gas goliath to explore the source of all Earth’s energy. Every second, the Sun generates nine million times the USA’s annual energy consumption. Sunning CGI animation peels off the boiling layers of the Sun to unlock the mysteries of this giant nuclear reactor. 

Assistant Producer
for Discovery UK
Distributed by Cineflix