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Rise Of The Machines uses mind blowing CGI animations to ‘explode apart’ some of the world’s most extreme machines to reveal the extraordinary engineering at the heart of their design.

From the world’s biggest mega truck to one of the world’s fastest trains…from the world’s most advanced aircraft carrier to a revolutionary airship….from a super smart heavy lift ship to an ingenious heavy lift helicopter…. ground breaking CGI animation explodes the machines apart to uncover the extraordinary inventions hidden under their skin that enables the teams who drive, fly and sail them to be at the top of their game.

This series transforms our understanding of the machines around us. It takes us inside these machines in close up detail, to explore what helps these elite ships, trucks, trains and aircraft rise above all other machines.

Episode 1 - Mega Truck Prising open the Mega Truck’s metal skin will reveal its engineering secrets and their extraordinary roots in history and nature

Episode 2 - Super Airship Aviation history is about to be made at Tustin Airbase, California, as Dragon Dream takes to the sky for the very first time

Episode 3 - Mega Lift Ship Exploring the engineering breakthroughs within this steel giant will reveal surprising secrets of how the technology evolved, inspired by extraordinary lessons from nature and history

Episode 4 - Super Train Using stunning CGI animation to explode open one of the world’s fastest trains to reveal the extraordinary technology that it depends on to race from Venice to Rome in less than four hours

Episode 5 - Mega Digger How does the Mega Digger’s incredible 70-ton bucket mimic nature’s mightiest digger – the mole? Which device from an 18th century clock enables the PC8000 to rotate 360 degrees in only 20 seconds?

Episode 6 - Mega Lift Helicopter How did the Air-Crane’s incredible jet engines evolve from a medieval cooking device? Why is a bat’s claw the perfect blueprint for the Air-Crane’s unbreakable steel cargo hooks?

Episode 7 - Ultimate Dragster Rise of the Machines uses stunning CGI animation to explode open the fastest accelerating vehicle on the planet

Episode 8 - Aircraft Carrier At critical moments, spectacular CGI will crack open the steel hull of the Aircraft Carrier and plunge us deep into its inner workings. Uncovering the engineering breakthroughs within this lethal leviathan reveals surprising stories of how the technology evolved

Episode 9 - Super Jumbo Jet How do the A380’s shape-shifting wings mimic a bald eagle’s flexible feathers? How have the fan-blades inside the A380’s super-powered jet engines evolved from the slashing Samurai sword?

Episode 10 - Ice Crawler How does the Ice Crawler’s hydraulic snow shovel mimic the anatomy of the giant Himalayan jumping spider? How does a lightning bolt help driver Steve navigate the steep mountain terrain in the pitch black of night?

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