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Nimrud: Secrets Revealed

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Nimrud: Secrets Revealed

Nimrud, in Northern Iraq. 3000 years ago, this was the most spectacular city on earth, with huge megastructures, fine sculpture, and botanical gardens filled with animals from around the world.

Now, nearly a decade after the ancient city was tragically destroyed by terrorists, archaeologists finally return to salvage what they can from the wreckage.

Experts piece together fragments of ancient inscriptions, to trace the origins of this great city back to the first millennium BCE, built under the rule of the ruthless King Ashurnasipal II. Can new discoveries reveal how he governed his vast empire? And can tunnels dug by the terrorists to smuggle ancient artefacts give access to parts of the Assyrian Empire never seen before?

Our cameras have exclusive access to follow the excavation of 150 ancient human bodies, some shackled and injured. Can bone analysis shed new light on Nimrud’s sudden and brutal collapse?

Using stunning CGI we reconstruct this city and its richly decorated palaces, and unearth mysterious underground tombs filled with treasure to rival Egypt’s Tutankhamen, to reveal the rise and fall of Nimrud.

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