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Pompeii's Mysterious Twin: Secrets of Oplontis

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Pompeii's Mysterious Twin: Secrets of Oplontis

Oplontis: only two miles from Pompeii, excavators uncover two monumental villas, frozen in time by the devastating eruption of 79 CE.  

One is a palatial residence built on a cliff, featuring an immense swimming pool, private baths and stunning frescoes. It reveals new evidence about the wrath of the mighty volcano. It also offers a unique glimpse into the lavish life of the wealthiest in the Roman Empire… and unparalleled insights about their slaves. Hunting for the identity of the Villa’s rich owners, investigators uncover a link to Rome’s most notorious emperor, Nero.

This luxury mansion stands in stark contrast to the neighboring building, the headquarters of a booming commercial business. Inside, archaeologists find the remains of fifty-four victims huddled together in a small room. Can the analysis of their bodies and the precious objects found with them reveal clues about their lives? And can the discovery of a mysterious charred material revolutionize our knowledge of this terrifying disaster?

Using immersive CGI we reconstruct the magnificent villas, to reveal the remarkable story of this buried town, and shed new light on the most infamous eruption in history.

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