Mystery of Egypt's First True Pyramid

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Mystery of Egypt's First True Pyramid

The Red Pyramid, Dahshur. This iconic structure is Egypt’s first true Pyramid – a trailblazing design that changes Egyptian history forever.

Now, investigators have unique access to venture inside this mysterious structure. They investigate how one Pharoah went to incredible lengths to build a perfect Pyramid for his journey into the afterlife.

Stunning CGI rebuilds the Red Pyramid as it looked in its prime, and dramatic experiments test what it takes to build never before seen burial chambers inside the core of the Pyramid itself. As investigators piece together this millennia-old mystery, they find crumbling structures nearby, that reveal this pharaoh took three attempts to perfect the design.

Finally, they search within the Red Pyramid’s labyrinth of hidden chambers for the mummy of the Pharoah who builds it, to reveal his fate.

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