The Film

With extraordinary access to developing case histories, these two observational documentary series reflect, from an insider’s perspective, what it is like to face, and then take, very difficult decisions and then live with the consequences.

Series One: Medical Dilemmas

-   Is a pregnant woman who is diagnosed with cervical cancer prepared to sacrifice the baby she is carrying to receive the treatment that may save her life?

-   Should a man who has already donated one of his kidneys to one of his sons be allowed to donate his second kidney to his second son as he wishes, arguing that he could manage perfectly well himself on a dialysis machine?

-   Should a teenage girl who feels trapped in the wrong body be given hormones that will start the process of gender reassignment?

-   Has the time come for a mother to withdraw treatment from her son - as the medical team propose - because he has been living in a persistent vegetative state for several years following a motorbike accident, and, according to the doctors, has no hope of recovery?

6 x 60' for Channel 4