Loch House on a Cliff

A pioneering couple attempting to build their dream ‘kit’ home on a cliff top overlooking a loch deep in the Scottish Wilderness

House on the Moon

A visionary couple battling the elements to construct their dream home from a kit of parts on the rugged moonscape of the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides

Huge Family Home

A larger-than-life family attempting to build their dream home on their wood-flanked plot from a kit of parts fabricated over 1000 miles away in Poland

Highland Log Home

A determined family attempting to break with convention and build their dream log home from a kit of parts in the wilds of the Scottish Highlands

Ancient Woodland Home

A visionary family building a kit home to help realise their dream woodland lodge

Home Grown House

A nature loving couple attempting to build a highly sustainable kit home

House for the Future

Attempting to build a pioneering, eco-home from a kit of parts to house his ten classic cars.

Home Grown House

Bill and Sukie Barber are life-long nature lovers and live on a 6-acre smallholding in the picturesque Scottish Borders. The couple have regular visitors from around the globe, along with their eight, grown up children and four grandchildren. With their croft bursting at the seams, they have decided to build a new house in one of their fields using primarily locally sourced materials to fit with their sustainable lifestyle: an ambitious remit in such a secluded corner of the Borders. 

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