The Film

What will happen to your mortal remains when you're dead? Not everyone is happy to just be buried or cremated...

Andrew Kerr, 72, wants to be composted when he dies so that his body can continue to give others pleasure. He dreams of building a compostorium, a facility where bodies are shredded and mixed with vegetable matter and left to mature in large steaming piles.

Carol Sullivan makes an emotional visit to the jewellers to collect a diamond made from the remains of Laura, her late 19 year old daughter.

Kevin & Gwen Upex reveal their narrowboat themed funeral plans and test the seaworthiness of a rather unique vessel.

A group of British Hindus and Sikhs use a sheep to demonstrate their desire to be cremated on an open funeral pyre.

Executive Producer
Producer & Director
4 x 3' for Channel 4
Distributed by Windfall Films