In the Press

"Wonderfully entertaining."
The Independent

"... explores De Grey’s claims in an accessible, discursive manner that neither takes the piss nor is too reverent with a man who might just be the new Da Vinci."
Time Out

The Film
Meet Aubrey de Grey - the brilliant Cambridge eccentric who believes that indefinite life-extension is just around the corner.
This computer scientist-turned biologist claims to have identified the Seven Deadly Things responsible for the deteriorations and misery of old age. 
Now he has unveiled an ambitious bioengineering plan to 'fix' all seven. According to de Grey all that's needed to make ageing and death a thing of the past is the will and funding to do it.
But if people could live a thousand years or more, much more, what would this do to the fabric of society, as we know it?  What would we do with all that time on our hands?  Would we bother to have children? 
Christopher Sykes explores Aubrey de Grey's vision and the man himself – is he a genius or a fraud?
Producer & Director
Executive Producer
Assistant Producer
1 x 90' for Channel 4
Distributed by Windfall Films