Episode 1 - Tunnel

The longest tunnel in the world – the Gotthard Base Tunnel

Episode 2 - Submarine

The US Navy’s biggest Submarine – the USS Pennsylvania

Episode 3 - Aircraft

The world’s biggest cargo aircraft – the Antonov 124

Episode 4 - Oil Rig

The world’s deepest Oil Platform – the Perdido Spar

Episode 5 - Ferris Wheel

The world's largest observation wheel – the Singapore Flyer

Episode 6 - Space Station

The biggest space habitat – the International Space Station

Episode 7 - Dam

The largest hydroelectric dam – China's Three Gorges Dam

Episode 8 - Cruise Liner

The world’s biggest cruise ship – Independence of the Seas

Episode 9 - Dome

The world’s largest spanning dome – Japan's Oita Stadium

Episode 10 - Telescope

The biggest ever telescope – the Large Binocular Telescope

Episode 10 - Telescope
This film reveals the technological leaps forward that have enabled the world’s largest telescope – the Large Binocular Telescope – to be built. The telescope sits on a mountain in Arizona, over 3,000 metres above sea level. Like a giant pair of eyes, it stares up into the night sky. Equipped with two giant mirrors, it allows astronomers to see further into space than ever before. Capable of producing images of heavenly bodies with startling clarity, the LBT focuses its two giant mirrors on stars tens of millions of light years away from Earth. The film explores how this magnificent instrument was made possible through a series of six engineering breakthroughs. This film explores how six landmark telescopes contributed innovations towards its development, allowing astronomers to see ever deeper into space. Using high-end computer generated imagery that makes up 50% of the film, this film reveals the incredible stories behind these structures and the inventions that have allowed them to discover more about our universe. Six ingenious leaps forward that enabled telescopes to evolve …from BIG to BIGGER into the World’s BIGGEST.
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