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Episode 1

The greatest structural move in history - Abu Simbel.

Episode 2

Two teams of movers - two remarkable rescue missions.

Episode 3

A British team attempt to haul a long lost locomotive across two continents.

Episode 4

Two teams battle extreme weather to move two unwieldy wooden buildings.

Episode 5

Two teams of movers attempt to haul two precious historic hulks to new sites.

Episode 6

Two teams of building movers attempt to haul two huge homes to new gardens for their owners.

The Series
Hauling the heaviest structures across land, sea and air Monster Moves returns for a third series. This time, the structures are bigger and the routes a lot longer and riskier as we follow teams hauling supersize structures across Britain, Canada, South Africa, Egypt, Sweden and America.

Also known as Impossible Moves on National Geographic US, Huge Moves on National Geographic International and Mega Moves on Discovery Channel & TLC.
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6 x 50' for Five, Discovery Canada, NGCI
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