Gwyn Williams

Series Producer / Director

Gwyn joined Windfall Films in 2008 and started working across a host of hauling series - from 'Monster Moves' to 'Heavy Haulers' if it was big and if it moved he was filming it. Sticking with the theme he put his passion for natural history and his zoology background to good use on ‘Giant Animal Moves’ where he filmed the translocation of black rhino between South Africa and Zambia and sharks from Australia to Dubai.

Gwyn has directed multiple episodes of ‘Strip the City’ and ‘Big Bigger Biggest’. The latter took him to the frozen waters of the Arctic Ocean kickstarting a new theme - cold weather filming. Since then he’s tracked polar bears in the ice of subarctic Canada while directing Channel 4’s presenter lead natural history series ‘Operation Maneater’ - and he’s spent many winter months in Alaska setting up and filming the first series of ‘Railroad Alaska’ and then managing a team of 20+ crew while Series Producing the third season. 

More recently, Gwyn SP’d the six part graphics bonanza that is space science series ‘Strip the Cosmos’, he’s directed two episodes of the award winning and visually stunning PBS NOVA series ‘Making North America’ and he’s delved into ancient history while Series Producing and Directing a beautifully shot set of films about new discoveries at Egypt’s Great Pyramid.