Gwyn Williams - Producer/Director

Gwyn joined Windfall Films in 2008 having worked at a number of other indies on a range of documentaries including a biography of Princess Margaret’s marriage and a Cutting Edge - ‘Special Needs Pets’.

He’s worked across a host of hauling series including 'Monster Moves', 'Heavy Haulers' and 'Massive Moves' - spending many months in the US and Canada self shooting.

Gwyn directed episodes of graphics heavy series' ‘Big Bigger Biggest’ and ‘Strip the City’ - productions which took him from the heat of the UAE desert to the frozen waters of the Arctic Ocean. His passion for Natural History and his zoology background was put to good use filming the translocation of Black Rhino in Zambia and Silver Tip sharks in Australia and was followed up as he produced and directed a presenter lead series for Channel 4 featuring Polar Bears in Canada’s North and Great White Sharks in Western Australia.

 More recently Gwyn worked with PBS NOVA directing episodes in the big new geology series ‘Making North America’ - a visual feast of a show. He’s also been Series Producing the third outing of ‘Railroad Alaska’ - returning to a production he helped shape during it's first series. The new eight parter was filmed out in the unforgiving wilderness of Alaska with a team of 20+ crew.


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